If you believe in equality of the sexes, you are awesome already but if you want to be a better feminist for the wife, girlfriend, partner, daughter, friends and colleagues in your life, check out our take.


Do Your Share Of The Chores

On an average women devote 60 hours a week to household chores and home-related activities and that is a hell of a lot to do if she has a job or children or even hobbies!

Unpaid domestic work are hugely gendered and have benefit men, and you can change that by sharing the housework, of your own accord, without complaining, without being asked twice and without making excuses. Yes, you’d rather play Final Fantasy than do fold laundry but have you considered that your partner may enjoy it too.


The Contraception Talk

If contraception is necessary in your relationship, talk about the options and choose what seems equally preferable to all involved. Don’t be that partner who whine about condoms- not only is that inconsiderate but also a turn off.


Take Paternity Leaves:

Not only will you bond better with your baby but also break gender roles in the same swoop!

“Men who take parental leave become real advocates for the women and great role models for the men on their teams because they know firsthand how challenging it is to be home with a baby,” says EY Flexibility Leader Maryella Gockel.

Lets face it, being a parent doesn’t just mean helping at conception.

Be An Ally To Female Colleagues

We live in a world where  a mere 4.2% of the Fortune 500 are led by female CEOs.

Being interrupted, stereotyped, directed to do ‘feminine’ tasks such as choosing gifts for a colleagues birthday may seem like a minor problem but these subtle issues reveal a much deeper problem.

You can, however, make minor amends which will create major benefits for your female colleagues. Volunteer to take up some of the menial tasks, if you find someone interrupting, address your concerns to them and if you are in a position of power, ensure that women are encouraged to go after a promotion or ask for that raise.

If you and your male colleagues like hitting the bar after work, invite your women colleagues too! You’d be surprised at how many of them agree and how many can a great ‘wing-woman’.


It’s Not Just A Joke

If you didn’t find this amusing- good job! If you did, read the below sentence.

A study by researchers at the University of Warwick found that such jokes were likely to reduce a woman’s performance behind the wheel as they reduced confidence in them. In fact, sexist/stereotypical jokes build an image or change our behavior toward females subconsciously.

The more you hear jokes about women being nags or gossip-mongers or shoe-lovers, the likely you are to believe and apply this in your life.

Of course not every female is great behind the wheel, how about offering encouragement or helping them instead.

Words Can Also Hurt:

There are so many phrases that aren’t the best gender-wise but have become so common in conversation that we no longer notice how offensive they are. We’re pretty sure you’ve hurt “Don’t be such a pu**y” or “You throw like a girl”  sometime in life and haven’t blinked an eye.

Google Serena Williams or women in labour (warning: graphic images/videos can be seen, not for the faint-heart) and you’ll know for sure those phrases don’t reflect the truth!