Advisory Warning: This Post Is Not Safe For Work!

There was the Duck Face, the Thigh Gap, Unicorn Frappuccino, The Goth Ice Cream and now there is something no one could have predicted- The Cheeky Exploits. Taking Instagram and Twitter by storm is the new trend of tourists flashing their bum in scenic locations! The social media handles are run by a woman from the UK (who wishes to remain anonymous) who set off the bare bottom trend while travelling to Ireland with her husband.

“I absolutely never expected to have a following like this. I only started it as a cheeky joke with my husband and friends,” the woman, from London, said.

The Cheeky Exploits Instagram profile funnily enough states it’s mission as ‘Making the world happier through butts.’ It now has more 2,60,000 followers and nearly 500 backsides from all over the world!

Here’s a Skinny Dipping Shot done aesthetically well:

Or the ageless bum:

Or the ‘Some-what Creepy‘ shot:

What’s better than one bum? Many!


“It took about eight months to get a thousand followers, as it was mostly friends for a long time, then the media picked it up and it just went crazy.

The woman, whose husband takes on the role of photographer to her fun poses says that she hoped the page would help inspire body confidence and be a positive platform for people to feel liberated.

“I set up the account after a friend showed me another account where a guy took naked pictures of himself all over the world,” she said.

You can send your cheeky bum entries here- although remember to not get yourself in remember and remember this ‘Once on the Internet, Forever on the Internet.’