Pre-wedding shoots- Romantic or Unbelievably cheesy?

We have a new reality due to the rise of social media, popularity of DSLRs, our constant love for Bollywood and a desire for admiration.  Weddings have become not about the ceremony itself but something that appeals to the eyes or gains likes and comments.

The latest trend in the wedding industry,pre-wedding shoots features betrothed couples posing artistically in a grand setting relating to a theme or a story, some going further to build a music video. As if Indian weddings weren’t complicated enough!

These shoots are usually designed to portray

a) the ring

b) how happy the couple is (even if their marriage was ‘arranged’)

c) how awesome their wedding is going to be

If you’re in the process of getting your photo-shoot done, here is the usual formula for how they work:

  1. Get Engaged!
  2. Search for a wedding photographer through Facebook, Google Search or ask a new bride (chances are she’s been through the whole research phrase.)
  3. Choose a super cinematic location such as a forest, a bridge, the man-made lakes, farms, a garden and if budget is not a problem bribe an official to get into the Mysore Palace!
  4. Choose from a few standard poses such as “looking lovingly into each other’s eyes,” “joining both your palms to make a heart shape,” and “an aerial shot of the couple lying on the grass’, (if you’re the scandalous type) kiss each other!
  5. Spend 5-10 hours analyzing, decoding and discarding many pictures you struggled to take, to choose a few ‘naturally’ posed ones which will garner the most lines.
  6. Share all over social media with a few sugary-sweet taglines like

♥ True love doesn’t have a happy ending. It has NO ending ♥

You may say that it adds value by creating good memories but aren’t memories created by spending time with each other, travelling to see monuments/palaces/gardens to experience them without the pressure to look visually appealing to the camera? Why not share pictures taken throughout the course of courtship instead?

To each his or her own!