Usually to get a job, you search for positions in newspapers, job portals and the company careers page, send your resumes and wait. What if the company you want to work for isn’t hiring or at least not hiring for a position relevant to your skills. Roll up your sleeves and get crafty,we say!

Read on for some ways you can score the job of your dreams.

(First tip: Don’t be afraid to take the leap! What do you have to lose?)

1. Approach on Social Media

You would be surprised with the variety of businesses you can find on social media; businesses dealing with rain-water harvesting, to robotics, startups dealing with food to feminine products to your friend’s handmade crafts! Businesses are recognizing that their customers are on the internet and your dream company may have a facebook/Instagram/Linkedin presence through which you can impress them with your passion (yes, it’s an over-used word!) and ask for a meeting or contact of the HR.

2. Offer to work for free

Some of the most successful professionals started their careers by pinpointing the company they wanted to work for and offering their services without pay.

“If you are young and the company has an internship that you can get, awesome!” says Weinlick. Most times, an internship can lead to a full-time position.

3. Become a brand ambassador

If you want a company to notice you, become an advocate for the brand on social media.

“If you feel strongly about the brand and are socially savvy, then evangelize or engage in conversation about the company on your blog, Twitter page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other social channels,” he says. “Be genuine, and share real experience or insights that would be of value or interest to others.”

This might not get an offer on-the-spot but if you apply for a job with them, it will be a bonus point to you as you have demonstrated a connection to the brand and its values.

4.Network with employees

Network (Nicely) is the key-  find someone working in the organisation – and reach out to them with an email or LinkedIn (Going over to their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram is not the right way to connect for a formal purpose!) In the message, mention how you came across them/their work, ask questions about the organisation and request their help in getting your resume noticed.

Since most organisations have a referral bonus, there is a great incentive to help besides also being a helpful human! If you do get the job, you will have made a connection or even a friend before you could join to make the transition easy.

5. Drop by the organisation


This may be a bold step and can go south if you don’t do this right, drop into the organisation and ask to meet the HR or ask to pass your resume to the right person.  As this is a risky move, make sure you have an amazing resume/portfolio, are dressed professionally and be super polite to the security, receptionist, basically everyone you speak to.

Note: Be polite generally in life!

If you’re nervous, practice a 10 second introduction of yourself and your interest in working with that employer. Here’s a practice monologue “Hello, I’m very interested in xyz jobs and i have zzz experience at (previous employer). Could I possibly pick up an application if one is required or drop off my resume?”

Do remember is that this may work depending on the company in some places you may not make it past security.