Millions of people all around the world reach out for a cup of hot coffee as soon as they wake up! But coffee does so much more than just keeping you awake, it stimulates the central nervous system stimulant that affects your body in numerous ways.

With so many people guzzling coffee, we decided to break down what happens to your body from 0 minutes to 6 hours after drinking the brewed beverage.

0 Minutes

As soon as the first gulp enters your throat, caffeine enters your bloodstream. This causes an instant spike in heart rate, blood pressure, and energy.

20 Minutes

This is when  you get the ‘really good’ feeling as coffee begins affecting your adenosine levels. You tend to feel perky, fresh and awake this is because caffeine allows the brain’s stimulants, dopamine and glutamine, to release their neurotransmitters.

This has also been shown to improve decision-making skills and prevent exhaustion.

30 Minutes

Half an hour after you have consumed your favourite beverage,  your body starts producing adrenaline, which increases energy production. It also causes your air passage to dilate and increase blood flow to muscles.

It’s for this reason that athletes tend to consume coffee as a pre-workout aid; it helps them perform better in the gym and focus harder on the workouts they engage in.

40 Minutes

This is when your mood will become elevated because the brain becomes more sensitive to serotonin – a neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation. Serotonin also improves motor functions which increases muscle strength.

As a bonus, caffeine begins to promote the production of stomach acid which encourages your body to burn calories, even while you remain sedentary.

60 Minutes

One hour after consuming a cup of coffee, there is a noticeable lowering in anxiety levels. This is because of  caffeine’s function of increasing one’s dopamine levels, resulting in feelings of happiness. It is no wonder that so many people are addicted to coffee!

3 Hours

This is when the effects of coffee begin to wane. Three hours after drinking a cup of coffee, energy levels begin to diminish.

6 Hours

6 hours after consumption of coffee, your body is still hard at work processing it! Caffeine begins to act as a diuretic at this point, encouraging the kidneys to produce urine and remove toxins from the body.

In addition to promoting urination, within six hours, a cup of coffee can also affect your body’s calcium levels. As coffee is an acidic beverage, you should consume more water at this point to prevent becoming dehydrated.