Valentine’s Day usually ends being dinner at a fancy restaurant, red roses and box of chocolates for most people. This 14th of February, try one of these unconventional ways to bring the spark back in to this day of love.

1. Post a Handwritten Love Letter

“Everyone should have a love letter to keep! Knowing that someone has taken the trouble to put pen to paper will make you feel that the person cares about you.”

Lost in the world of instant messaging, constant tweeting, innumerable check-ins and what not, there’s not much left to say to your partner…Or so you think, write (or get written) your bae a ridiculous, oozing, pure, fearless and unstoppable love-letter this Valentine’s day and you’ll know that it’s better than a tweet. Check out:
2. Get Freaky

Go on, give the lingerie industry a boost! Blindfold your partner. Paint each other with flavored body paint. Try something that vibrates.

3. Cook for your partner

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach- well, we think this equally applies to the ladies too. While you can to their favourite restaurant, you can add a personal touch by making his/her favourite dishes and enjoying a candle lit dinner in private.

4. Make your partner a mix with romantic songs

Whether you’re celebrating February 14th with all the traditional trimmings (hello, chocolates and roses!), a romantic dinner date, a party with your BFFs, or pampering yourself, you may need a soundtrack to accompany your plans. A little bit of Aerosmith, Zayn Malik, Backstreet boys, John Legend can never go wrong.

5. Make a book of memories

There’s no better day to reflect on all the happy and memorable moments you’ve had with your partner in the first place. A great way to cherish them is to make a scrapbook or a collage, fill them up with funny, joyful and those milestones of your relationship and channel your inner Beethoven.

6. Do a good deed in their name

“Love is never rude or selfish”

The bible has a beautiful quote on love which extols its pure virtues. And it’s true, life is not always about material possessions. Instead of buying something for your valentine, how about you do a good deed in his/her name! For some ideas, check out

7. Printable love coupons

Love coupons are an inexpensive and fun gift which is definitely a win for both of you! Check out these personalized, cute coupons you can make in a jiffy:

8. Develop alter-egos

Among the many jewels of advise ‘Modern Family’ has given us, we admit to having a soft spot to Phil and Claire. They take up alter ego’s such as Clive Bixby (a sly salesman) and carefree Julianna and discover each other’s wild sides every Valentine’s Day. Be creative this year, choose an alternate personality and have some craziness this year. Check this hilarious generator for ideas:

We hope all of you lovebirds have a sweet, touching and an imaginative V-day!