Alex Macheras is an aviation analyst, an ambitious flyer & traveler tasked with trying out every seat and suite on airliner jets. He works with a variety of international networks including BBC News, BBC World, Sky News & LBC as aviation analyst.

Alex Macheras is also 20 years old.

For many dreamers and dreary workers, Alex is living the life they’ve often dreamed of- travelling the world in style on luxurious aircrafts, enjoying food while sipping on a glass or two of Champagne, sharing photos of these experiences to millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter while getting paid doing it!


The fascination towards air travel started early for Alex. He told Insider: “My family used to joke that at eight years old, I could do the safety demo in five different languages.” When he was 14, Alex started tweeting his analysis of planes and of the aviation industry. That’s when he was discovered by a U.K. radio station called LBC. “They approved me to go on air. My age was an unspoken thing—I was doing LBC for years before anyone knew I was young.”

That led to his next gig with Sky News, when he was 16, where he was contracted to continue aviation analysis on screen. Now, his job includes working with manufacturers to complete deliveries of new aircrafts, going on airplanes’ first flights, testing seats in various cabins (VIP included!), participating in ceremonies of the plane deliveries and talking about his findings on t.v and on the web.

“I always talk about the manufacturers on screen, during deliveries and test flights,” he says.

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The analyst is very popular on Instagram and twitter as he gives first hand advice about which the best is on particular aircrafts.

“It’s flexible — not like the cabin crew,” he said, adding that there’s usually enough time to get a vacation out of his travels.


“I can sit in Seat 53A and tell a listener of the radio show why that seat is the one they should book to Hong Kong next year.”

While there are some pretty sweet gigs in the travel industry- from a Northern Lights spotter to a travelling beer enthusiast; we believe being a flight analyst is the perfect balance of adventure and luxury!