draft (drăft)

a piece of text, in it’s original state, often containing the main ideas and intentions
but not the developed form:

We would like to introduce our new original series — Drafts. This series is based on the’save as drafts’ email feature that helps us store unpolished and unfinished text. Find real-life stories that deals with raw emotions and powerful humanizing issues that we hope resonates with you.

Subject: A 13 Years of Beautiful friendship

Perhaps I was naive…. of course I was naive, I thought my 12th examination grades mattered, 25 was a good age to get married and that FRIENDS would stay on air forever. I also thought 13 years of best friendship would automatically extend for life..

I met you in primary school; you were the new girl in school.  I wish I had some sophisticated reason as to why I made you my friend but I only did it because you knew my mother tongue!

It felt like our friendship was unsustainable from the start; you were sweet and lovable while I was the girl who would punch like a boy; you grew to become a social butterfly while my parents had to pay me extra pocket money to attend a community event; you introduced me to choosing papaya over Lays chips and I introduced you to the fabulous world of books. (Although I was a little disappointed that you headed straight to the Chetan Bhagat book at the bookstore.)

Despite the difference, you were my angel and I was your rock. Behind my ulterior tough exterior, I was a frightened little kid desperate for approval and plagued with self-doubt. So when you saw me crushing on the cute boy in glass, you practised sample conversations, pretending to be him and wouldn’t let me off the hook till I spoke to him. He turned out to be a player but still I appreciate your persistence and you will be happy to know that I took the lead in wooing my first (and only) college boyfriend.

When you struggled with parental pressure, I held your hand and repeated all your beautiful qualities to you and showed how you were already winning at life!

But as we graduated and headed to different parts of the country, our physical separation strengthened the major disparities in our personalities and our lives simply went in different directions. I tried calling but with the immense competition in class coupled with the fear of just not fitting in the cosmopolitan, big city social life, I felt like a failure and speaking to you (who knew me as a valedictorian) would confirm that.

You too must have tried to keep in touch; you still tagged me in ‘BFF’ posts on facebook and sent me funny memes but you stopped confiding in me. I feared it’s because that my social butterfly best friend had found a better circle to reign. 

I am not angry that we’re no longer best friends, I understand now that nothing is permanent. You brought laughter, life lessons, and the most amazing memories that has shaped my life and I hope I did too.

Look at you now! You have achieved so much and I am proud of you. You were so worried that you’d be married off right after your undergraduate degree and never have a career. Yet now, you have an MBA, a great new job and with no hurry to be tied to a groom on a horse! I hope you’re proud of me too.

Lots of love,

Your Ex-BFF.