FOR BEGINNERS (the ones who huff & puff climbing the stairs!)

Fitness Marshall

The 23-year-old dances up a storm with cardio hip-hop moves that entertain but also gives you a good workout in the duration of a song! With over 10 million subscribers, 35 + videos, countless views and his boyish charm, the Fitness Marshall sets you on the path to fitness.

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Jessica Smith

For fitness made fun, certified personal trainer and wellness coach Jessica Smith’s channel is a must. With over 3 million subscribers, her walking workouts are a huge hit for people who have just begun their fitness journey.

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The (Legendary) Jane Fonda

A game-changer of the 80’s Jane Fonda, an Oscar-winning Actress  wound up reinventing home workouts, ushering in new fashion trends  while selling a cool seventeen million tapes of her ‘Jane Fonda Workout.’ She is still relevant at the present day with her easy moves and oodles of motivation.

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FOR THE MODERATELY FIT (those who sign up for Walkathons and almost complete them)

Keaira LaShae

A choreographer to Jay Z, Usher, Nicki Minaj, she uses her professional dance skills to help people drop the inches and also learn killer dance moves.

With over 6 million subscribers,

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There are somethings that only human beings can do- like being a fitness instructor and being lazy among other things.

Wrong! This channel features a male and a female animated trainers who do the job just as well. With a dozen apps available such as the ‘7 MinuteWorkout,’ ‘The Chest Workout’, ‘Flat Stomach’ etc.

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FOR THE FIT (those who have more than 5 gym selfies on their Instagram feed)

Fitness Blender

It may come as a surprise that Daniel and Kelli Segars run this popular fitness channel out out their garage! With nearly 4 millions subscribers, their workouts are unique as they feature no music and a minimalist white background.

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With nearly a 1000 videos featuring a wide range of workouts from kickboxing, yoga, tabata, treadmill to Victoria’s secret toning, boredom is not an option! They also features healthy recipes and fitness trends.

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Cassey Ho’s POP Pilates is a full-body workout that requires no equipment.  With 3 millions subscribers, her followers love her party-on-the-mat workouts  done to the beat of the music.

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Do you have your own favourite workouts? Comment below and let us know!