Boy-oh-boy, it’s difficult enough to talk about women having sex in India let alone talk about their sexual frustration!

You see, contrary to popular belief, women like sex just as much as men do (maybe even more ;)) so we can suffer the equivalent of blue-balls!

Dry spells are a part of living the life, it’s not always a bad thing;  sometimes it’s good to give your oxytocin production a break and direct attention to other important things, like your career, your friends and extra sleeping time!

If you’re in doubt you’re not getting enough of the good stuff, here are 14 signs you need to get some..!

1. Your current favourite songs have sex-ed up lyrics

ariana grande music video ariana grande hunt bang bang

Whether it’s Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Love myself’, Ariana’s ‘Side to Side’ or The Weeknd’s ‘I feel it coming’,  your playlist consists of nothing but songs that make you wanna grind.

2. You consider getting in touch with your douchy-ex

The pressure of starting a whole new sexual ritual with a new man scares you and while there’s a reason your ex is an EX, he does know the things you like…..

(It’s not worth it ladies! Do not go back to a douchy-ex.)

3. You decide to pick up books from the Erotica section

You’ve got a shelf full of the summer’s best beach reads and the latest mystery (that’s going to become a movie soon) but you cannot help but head over to the steamy section of your library/Amazon. You ignore the blurb and buy the book with the hottest dude on the cover.

4. You are afraid of your browser search history

When you type the letter “p” into a search engine and PornHub is the first thing to appear and the sheer amount of ‘Japanese’ porn on your history scares you.

5. You get the tingles when someone touches you

gossip girl blair waldorf blair and chuck

Your body tenses up when someone accidentally brushes past you at work. Come back! Call me definitely!

6. You cannot handle couples showing PDA

You’ve seen them around in restaurants, bus stations, at the grocery store even on social media. People paired up seem to be everywhere (especially now that you’re not one of them) laughing a little too loudly, blowing out air kisses and downright butt-smacking right in front of you.

Just breathe and don’t say a word. This too shall pass.

7. You’re anxious and on-edge

One minute you’re fine, minding your own business but you happen to see an advertisement for engagement rings  and you bawl out at the unfairness.

8. You bust out the moves at the club

jlo dancing jennifer lopez butt booty

You’re the kind of woman who goes and gets what she wants, so you put on a hot bodycon dress, try the cat-eye 5 times (give up), fix it with mascara, head to the local watering hole and shake it till the break of dawn.

9. You think you’ve forgotten all the moves

Practice makes perfect right? So no practice makes…..

10. Or you angry-eat chocolate

movies angry crying eating upset

It’s very  common to substitute one good feeling with another one and some people do say that chocolate is better…even cheesy fries…. or Nutella….with a side of cheeseburger.

There we go ladies, sex is healthy and a beautiful part of being a human being. It boosts our immune system, alleviates stress, and increases our self-esteem. So if you feel you’re on a rut, keep calm, show some self-love and we promise you’ll be back in the game soon!