Plato, the famed Greek philosopher, believed that fighting with someone was very natural and even productive! He called one person’s point-of-view the thesis, where an idea is discussed, and the antithesis, which is the point of view of the opposing person. After some friction (fights in our case) comes peace and a union of ideas!

While it sounds like a beautiful theory, in real life fights can be tough to deal with especially when when you’re fighting with your best friend! Here are some extreme emotions that you go through when are your best friend don’t see eye-to-eye.


You cannot believe that this person that you love did this to you!


You cannot believe that your best friend does not see how wrong she was!


When you try to make some body else your new BFF and they just doesn’t seem to fit with your vibe.


When your common friend asks if you want to hang out and they say that ‘everyone’ is invited.


You were supposed to have a ladies night out and try out some new dance moves 🙁


You’re really trying to be okay but not talking to your best friend has been really hard on you.


When the fear of losing your best friend creeps in. She does have too many pictures with that other girl (gasp!)


When you almost texted your bff after something really juicy happened!


When you realize that this was not all her fault entirely!

All’s Well That Ends Well


Now that the two of you have sorted out your problems, hug it out and catch up on all the things that you missed!